Saturday, June 23, 2007

How to define sucess in ministry?

I am struggling over whether last night's singles dance was a success. There were a lot of singles who felt valued by the church, had fun, were able to fellowship, and did not spend last night alone. That is so important and by that alone it was a successful event. But we lost money... possibly a lot of money on the event. Sure we learned lessons and I may have been a bit too confident after the record breaking attendance at the last dance. We were about 420 people shy of the previous dance. That is crazy and I do not understand it at all. They missed so much fun! The overall vibe was welcoming and exciting.

So what do you think? Was the dance a sucess?

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Sircellan said...

Hmmm. Success.. financially, it sounds like it was a disaster. From a fellowship point of view, it sounds like it was successful. From an evangelical point of view, I have no idea. Did people who weren't Christians come and see or hear about Jesus?