Saturday, June 02, 2007

Deep Theology with Pastor Rick: Part 3

This weekends message is on Managing Your Time. Here are the deep theology quotes:

- Time is far more important than money
- Prior does not make it priority
- In the end, you are not held responsible for meeting the expectations of yourself or others, just God's
- A lot of things are not necessarily bad, they are just not necessary
- People need to learn the middle two letters of the alphabet: "NO"

A few more that either he added since last night, or I didn't hear yesterday:

- (After reading the passage where Paul says do not be drunk on wine.) Don't be filled with spirits, but THE Spirit.
- (When talking about focusing on fashion and hobbies instead of God) You keep majoring in minors.
- Nobody knows what the futures holds, but we do know who holds the future: God.
- (When talking about the need to utilize today, do not wait,) Buy her flowers today, don't wait until the funeral.

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handling olympus said...

this is cool! "hi" from colorado.
if you run into my friend, steve adams, around there, tell him "hey" for me. he just started on staff there.