Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fun Day With An Old Friend

Jenny was in town visiting and checking out Orange County. I had not seen her since graduation from Full Sail over 4 years ago!! She looked great and is doing well. Just looking to transition out to SoCal. That is a tough one... I am glad I just did it when I did. If I knew more of the struggles of being out here I do not know if I would have come. We drove around looking for businesses in the area that she could research for jobs. There are tons here... I never realized how many. The we drove to Corona Del Mar and looked over the Pacific and the amazing houses.

We ended the night at Saddleback. Rick Warren spoke on Managing Your Time. Jenny loved it. She wants me to send her the first two messages from the series. We went to Northland in Florida together a few times. She said Saddleback reminded her a lot of that church. Joel Hunter would be proud :) I'll do another post with quotes from the message. It was a great day. Ended with dinner at Chili's... always a favorite... and then she drove back up to Santa Monica for the rest of her trip. I hope she enjoyed it. I know we talked a lot about God and faith, so I hope I was not too pushy, but encouraging. It was a fun day!

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