Saturday, December 02, 2006

What would you do?

What would you do if you found out someone you know and love has HIV? How would you react?

1- I like most of you would wonder how they got it. BUT does it matter?? At that point in time... whatever caused it cannot change the fact that the person has the disease. When I hear someone has the flu, do I as where they got it? When someone gets carpal tunnel, do I blame them and their choice to work? In Africa, the people most at risk to get HIV are faithful wives and children.

2- I would be tempted to pull away. I have never known anyone with HIV or AIDS. It is a scary disease without a cure. I like many others grew up with the stigma of AIDS as the norm. I would hesitate to be close to that person. But, if everyone pulled away, how sad that would be. I hope now that I am better educated about HIV and AIDS, and now that I see how God loves those who are sick... I would embrace the opportunity to love as Christ loves. It would not be easy, but it would be worth it. I think once I got over the shock, I would want to pull that person even closer to me.

The truth is... I do not know anyone's name off the top of my head that has HIV or AIDS. But I have met people infected. The saddest part is they do not know they are infected. On my trip to Rwanda, I saw and heard that many people were sick, many people were dying, and children were suffering. Because of the stigma of having AIDS and due to there being no testing and treatment... Rwanda is dying.

Please join me in prayer. HIV and AIDS are evil. The only purpose behind the disease is to destroy human life. Those infected may have sinned, BUT WE ALL HAVE! Their sin should not have to be a slow and painful death sentence. It is not a sin to be sick. Pray for those infected. Pray for a change in morality to stop the spread of this pandemic. Pray for science as it continues to search for a cure and vaccine. Pray for people to act in this war. Pray for revelation on what your part is in this war. Pray for revelation on what my part is in this war.

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Anonymous said...

I preached a sermon once in Zambia about aids. Afterwards I was invited to preach it again on a radio station that reached the entire nations as well as a limited distance into each nation that borders that country. Dad