Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Beauty HURTS!!!

Oh my! Tonight I had my eyebrows waxed!!! I can't believe it. It was part of a Christmas present from Danielle. I also got some fancy shoes. Boy... it was a very girlie night. I must admit I was very nervous about getting my eyebrows waxed. The waxing hurt, but OH MY... the tweezing was 10x worse. I actually was tearing up at one point. I had no idea it hurt so much to be beautiful. Not sure it is worth it to be honest. We'll see when my outfit, new shoes, and all come together Friday night.

It is so confusing to be a Christian woman. In Proverbs 31 it talks about how important inter-beauty is. Then in stories like Ruth and Esther it mentions how beautiful and perfumed they are in fullfilling God's plan. Arghh!!


Anonymous said...

Now sweetheart. You are beautiful to me...always. Your classic smile melts my heart. With a room full of people (even a thousand or more) I can hear "my" daughter's voice and pick it from a large crowd as she says, "daddy". There is a certain and special soft touch as you hug my neck. Your tears cut to my inner being, when you are hurt. And ... next to your mom, you are the best cook in the world. My wallet is yours. There is no one else in the world from the begining of creation that I would have picked to be my Only Begotten Daughter. And I am sure you will be stunning come Friday night. Be sure to have some pictures made and send them my way. I will show them around and say proudly, "That's MY daughter".

Love you .... daddy

Don Brown said...

The pictures looked great!!!!