Monday, December 18, 2006

My Favorite Nurse

Ok, so I know there is still a test to go... but this is my favorite Nurse on the whole entire planet!! In one of my post I blew the suprise that Becky and I were driving up to San Jose this weekend to go to Renee's celebration dinner. OH well... it was still GREAT to see her! It had been way too long! I am so proud of Renee. She set out to become a nurse almost 5 years ago. It has been filled with bumps, but she graduated from San Jose State this Saturday #1 in her class. Thank you Lord for giving her such a clear calling, the strength to endure, and an amazing husband to support her during this time. Renee, you ROCK!!

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Lydia said...

Wow, Renee looks great! (waves at Renee) Please send her my congrats on the nursing accomplishment!