Friday, December 15, 2006


Check out this video that was shown at the Global Summit on Aids and the Church that I went to last month. You will understand more of the real struggle and hope that is going on in Africa when it comes to Aids.

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Anonymous said...

Tina - Thank you for sharing this video. It takes me back to my mission trips in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia...especially Zambia. The steets of the capital city, Lusaka, had hundreds of boys that would get you a parking place and guard your car. This was a job that the community gave to these boys...all orphans due to AIDS. I went into many, many homes. I prayed for many sick people. I did not know which ones had AIDS, but I was told that 20% were HIV Positive. My heart was squeezed. Upon our departure we flew out of South Africa. Before leaving we went shopping. I saw women with AIDS begging in the middle of major intersections. They were skinny as bones and looked terrible - white ladies with AIDS. So, yes, this is an appropriate video. And once again, thanks for sharing it.