Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Attacks Begin

Ever notice how when you step out in faith, the attacks begin? You know at this point, I will be worried when I don't recognize that I have attacks in my life. I know as long as I am walking with God, they will come. A few days ago I stepped up to lead another trip to Rwanda. Ever since then, I have seen and felt major attacks. Attacks as small as the drive-thru being closed when I was really hungry and in a hurry, to thoughts, doubts, and feelings that question my future and purpose in this world. I have been waking up in the morning with songs like Rebecca Saint James' "You are Loved" and Rick's "Trust God"... it has been great. I just want to stay in God's will. I know I will fall, I will doubt, I will fear, but I never want to be far from the Fountain of truth and life.

The most recent attack has come in the form of our landlord giving us 30 days notice to move out. I know God will provide a new home for Janine and I. I have no doubt. Just looking ahead to the process is overwhelming and stressful. Join us in prayer that this will be a joyous time, not a stressful one as we look in the area for a new place to land. Continue to pray as we step out in faith that we can see and guard ourselves from these attacks. That God's light will shine ever brighter in our lives. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

So God wants you to move? Just think how Abram must have felt, when he was told to go to a place that God would show him. Me thinks that God wants you guys to witness to another part of His creation. I am sure that when we look back, we will see His hand in this far better than we do right now. Dad

Danielle said...

I agree with your Dad here. I believe God is preparing you to do His work and that this isn't necessarily an attack. Keep praising the Father who loves you and don't worry...He's in control. : )