Friday, December 22, 2006

Another Dorky Moment!

I had two today. One is there is a printer at our office called Luke. I overheard a lady saying the printer was warming up. So I asked is he "Luke-warm" at the moment? Ok... I told you it was dorky.

But Steve takes the cake with his comment tonight. I was saying how I have to play all 9 Christmas services because Steve does. I told him he is what makes me stronger. So he says to me "Does that make me the soundpost to your bridge?" Now you won't get how truly dorky that comment unless you are a string player... but trust me... it is really bad. He said that "wind beneath my wings" was already taken, so he had to come up with a different one. I love dorky people!!

For the original dorky post click here.

(Ok for anyone who really wants to know. The soundpost is inside a string instrument. It carries the vibrations that are caused by bowing or pizzing the strings to travel through the bridge and to the back surface of the instrument, so that is resonates with the wood.) So am I dorky for feeling like I had to put that? Or am I more dorky for having another dorky post? At this point... I have sealed my doriness, so I don't think it matters. :)


Anonymous said...

Now I heard that a leaf does not fall far from the tree. So did you get that dorkiness from your mother or father? Of course your mother spit you out with identical personalities and I gave you all your musical talent, thus leaving zero for me. Of course I was a nerd in high school with the pocket protector, honor roll and all that stuff. And I was a student bus exciting were those high school days? And I still open doors for ladies, couldn't operate a vacumn if I had to, say "yes mam" and "no mam" to my elders. I have a dog that understands me (well he lays next to me and walks behind me like a shadow)...a dog-gone great dog. I still part my hair versus putting moose on it and messing it up. So with all that.....where in the world would you have gotten any dorkiness? It must be from living in another country ... California?


TiNA said...

Definately my mom. :)

Danielle said...

I think you are just plain dorky.