Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years in South Carolina

At fate would have it... I am spending this New Years Eve in South Carolina. It has been a while since that has been the case. My flights got delayed and my flights were changed to tomorrow. So I will head home to California on New Year's Day. That should be interesting. I have a feeling a lot of people will be traveling tomorrow. My iPod is charged and ready for a long day. I have been listening to Rick Warren's training and Josh Groban's new cd mostly.

I had a great trip back to South Carolina for Christmas. My aunt and uncle came up and surprised me. Then we went up to see my brother's family for a few days. I love hanging out with them. Maggie and I wrote messages with shower crayons to each other the whole time... it was really cute. Can't wait to meet my nephew in 2007.

I hope 2007 will be a great and blessed year. 2006 was such a rollercoaster!! Praise God for it, though. Only God can bring praise out of pain.

Now on to the house hunt! Please pray for Janine and I as we go apartment/condo hunting. We are not worried, just not looking forward to the hassle.

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Danielle said... hunting. I hate it. Good thing our home in heaven provides a permanent residence with the best roomie ever! : )

Here's to dorks, shower crayons, Disneyland, newborns, family, friends, Saddleback, new places to live, mini coopers, Rwanda, SPFM, waxing, the new Adam Watts cd, chips n' salsa, iPods, boyfriends, Hugh Grant, Diet Coke, banana cake and more cowbell in 2007!!!