Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We are so dorky!

"We are so dorky!" Lisa blurts out as I am just putting a huge spoonful of vanilla frozen yogurt into my mouth. It took every ounce of strength I had not to spew it all over my car.

It is so funny b/c it was SOO true. At that moment we were listening and singing along to Pirates of the Caribean (music from the ride at Disneyland), while eating our dollar frozen yogurt, so happy about our outting to Costco, jazzed that our work week would be short, and driving/riding in my Mini that I had just speedily gotten to the speed limit.

Praise God for those people in my life that make me see that others are just as dorky as I am!! Praise God for Disney fans & Mini lovers & People who like buying in bulk. Praise God for silliness & laughter & being comfortable enough with who He made you to be. Praise God for mini blowtorches & silly movies & for that smile. Praise God for caring hearts & welcome phone calls & encouraging emails.

Boy, all these praises! Maybe I need to be dorky and do a 40 Days of Praise on my blog?? ;) I love all the dorky people in my life!!!!!


TiNA said...

A friend and I were talking today. You know... that is what we are really looking for in a husband. Yes there is other stuf too... but we want men that are just as dorky as we are and we feel comfortable being dorky with. So I am adding dorky to the list of what I am looking for in a man :)

Danielle said...

Errrhhh...I read this and realize, you really ARE a DORK.

D-ares to believe
O-pen to adventures in Him
R-eady to surrender
K-inda sweet too.

: )

Dorks rock. Plain n' simple.

Danielle said...

uhhh..hey, little i - I'm praying for a dork too but he has to be able to rock out or forget it.