Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Journey

This week at Saddleback is The Journey. I went to a site to find some pictures. I was a little upset that there is none that include any of the orchestra, but oh well... this is not what the post is about.

The journey is the story of a single mom who reads her son the story of Christmas... the real story of Christmas.

Through the telling of the story, it goes back to Micah's prophecy, a cool scene with Mary and Joseph discusing their feelings, the wise men, Herod's plot to kill, and the shephards. In the end, the single mother who had walked away from her faith feels the Holy Spirit move. She confess that she turned her back on God and accepts Christ as her Savior. All this through amazing music, great acting, and God moving.

As we were playing the underscore while the single mom, Laura, was coming back to Jesus... it hit me. There was my dream of playing film music. No, it was not a film. It was not a John Williams score intensifing a chase scene. It was not a George Fenten love theme bringing two star-crossed lovers together. This was music written for the soul purpose of the soul. It was music to add emotion and depth to what it is to have an encounter with God. WOW! That is so much better than film music. God is so funny in how He brings life together. I praise Him for allowing me to be a part of that moment. It may have just been holding a C for 16 bars, but it was part of a bigger God movement. One that I am so blessed to have been a part of. I know during that time God was knocking at the heart of people in the audience. I just pray they opened the door.

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