Sunday, November 05, 2006

Deep Theology with Pastor Rick: Part 1

A couple of staff meetings ago Doug Fields was making fun of Rick Warren and did this segment called Deep Theology with Pastor Rick. The clips Doug picked out were funny. I decided to add a new regular column, but using his more serious one liners. He has tons of them. Most really good, and they make me think. I just wanted to start sharing them with anyone reading this. Hope you enjoy it. We'll see how long the series lasts. If you know any feel free to add it in the comments.

From this weekend 11/04 & 11/05 services entitled "Leaving a Legacy of Hope":

"Give God the pieces, He'll give you peace."
"Guilt and shame are hope robbers."
"God doesn't make mistakes, He uses them."
"My hope has a name, Jesus Christ."
"When satan reminds me of my past, remind him of his future."
"There is no plan B for my life."
"God's love is not based on who we are, but who He is."
"I like me, God likes me, what's wrong with you?"

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Danielle said...

Rick Warren is certainly a man to be quoted. He's got the right idea and doesn't waste what he knows for himself. He gives his intellect and heart to God. He's very inspiring to me!