Saturday, June 11, 2011

40 Days of PEACE: Day 3


Truth: You please God when you're passionate about the people He loves.

Question: What keeps me from loving God with an undivided heart?

Simple... Me. Often time I just don't put God in the equation. Then how can I give Him the glory? ho can I give Him the honor? How can I ever trust Him? Especially in the small things (that seem like I can control them.)

Loving and Trusting God is so rewarding. Then why don't I do it more? Why is it so hard? Tossing off my sinful nature should be a thing of joy. By doing so I am aligning myself back to the heart of God.

When I play cello, or sing, or am in a crowd worshipping God it is so easy to align my heart with the heart of God. But how do I do that without my cello, singing, or the crowd?

Lord show me how to extend my heart for You and those You love beyond a service and into my everything.

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