Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Year Ago Today

A post I wrote in about 10 minutes for our church blog today. Enjoy!

A year ago today I started working at FBC Coppell. As I sat in my office on that day I prayed. I prayed for God to use me here. I prayed that I would make new friends. I prayed for a home. I prayed for a family. I prayed that I had made the right decision leaving California and coming to Texas. I prayed for ideas and inspiration.

I was excited about being in a new place. I was excited about having new co-workers. I was excited about the church and where it was going. I was excited about what I brought to the plate because of my past experiences.

I was thankful for the opportunity to work and minister in my SHAPE. I was thankful for vision and direction. I was thankful for the Coates and Christopher Cass who never forgot to pray for and encourage me (especially from afar). I was thankful for a church that prayed for me to come.

And a year later.... prayers have been answered and all of this excitement and thankfulness has just increased. I just wanted to take a moment and say to my FBC Coppell family... THANK YOU!!! You are an answer to prayer! I look forward to my next year (and many more) here!!

Some of my highlights of the last year at FBC Coppell:

* Filming the Telling the Story videos where I get to meet and better know new members at FBC Coppell
* Buying my first house! And for the small group and co-workers that helped me move-in!!
* Easter Service 2010 - seeing all the people here and seeing the wall projection video come together with the live music and narration
* When Wes and I filmed Clayton teaching 6 small group videos in ONE day (The most non-ADD I have ever seen Clayton!)
* When Cody Masters out of the blue said, "We Are Becoming One" on their Telling the Story Video
* At staff retreat when Gary Cook shared with the group the Colossians 3 passage that rocked all of our worlds and started the "We Are Becoming One" vision for 2010.
* When my small group showed up at my Flower Mound Symphony Concert and gave me flowers
* Holding a copy of the first publication of the We Are Becoming ONE Magazine!
* That no one ever wants to leave small group time. We have to force ourselves to go home.

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