Sunday, February 08, 2009

Video Blog... God is Fair. God is Just.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. And, oh yes, go get my belt from the closet and let's talk. And how old are you now? (Inside joke?...)... seems that TiNa's dad used one form of punishment where TiNa had to get his belt and hold it while he decided if to spank her with it or simply lecture and send her back to place the belt back into the closet. And, if she got a spanking with that belt, she got one lick for every year old she was.

Oh out DSS. But wait a minute. She did not turn out all that did she? And that was not the perfect father. But will the Perfect Father punish? Is that fair?

If the Perfect Father was fair, would any of us ever be in His Heaven? And did he write down for eternity that to "spare the rod (belt) was to spoil the child" (paraphrased)?