Thursday, February 19, 2009

I miss Lance Witt

Boy do I miss Lance Witt here at Saddleback. Here are some quotes from his talk at our Small Groups Conference today.

"i want more than anything to know and love Jesus. Ministry should be an overflow of that."

"sometimes we can love our ministry and not love our people"

"Beware of the danger of blurring the line between your ministry and your identity."

"For those in ministry, compliments are written in the sand and criticism is written in wet cement." (WOW... he is talking to me!)

"The biggest enemy I have in living a Christian life is me and myself."

"why was it so important to have your name mentioned?"

"the greatest gift you give to those you lead is your own authentic walk with God." (Love this one!!!)

"Sabbath is about the rhythm of life."

"Speed and intimacy do not make good partners"

"It's not about your front stage life, it is about your back stage life."

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