Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woe Beget

Yes, it's that time of year when I sit and reminisce on the last year and turning another year older. Hang in there with me, I'll try to not make it too long.

30 has been an interesting age. I remember my struggles as a 29 year old about turning 30. Now that I am in this decade, my age not a big deal as much as my life stage. Being single is a struggle to continually know, feel, and believe that God is enough in the face of desires, dreams, and disappointments. Every time I ask myself why I am not married, why don't I have children yet, why am I living so far away from my family... my answer is "God is enough". This does not change my desire, but surrenders it.

I am finding that my focus is the problem, not my faith. I believe that I will get married, that I will have a child, that I will continue to have quality time with my family. I thank God in advance for all of that. The problem is I too often focus on what I do not have, instead of the splendid miracles around me that God performs daily.

So my birthday wish is not "woe to me", but wow to God. As I continue to practice a life of stopping and connecting with God, I pray that is the attitude with which I more often come to Him.

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Lena and Derek said...

"Wow to God" -- I like that!