Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I did.

I am not the fastest thinker in high pressure situations... the two instances listed in the previous posts further proved this.

1. I was so in shock, I had no idea what to do. I ended up just looking over and mouthing the word "WHY??" After the first rock was thrown. Then when they did it a second time I was on the phone with Janine. We were able to talk about it a little both both of us were just stunned. Afterwards I thought I should have tried to write down a license plate number and maybe followed them to see where they went so I could call the police. But I didn't think about doing that until hours later.

2. Again... Shock. The difference this time was it was it felt like more of a personal attack. The previous one I felt centered out, but thought it was due to my car. Though there are a lot of minis where I live... my car is rather unique. The second attack was not just on my car... it was on me. My weight has always been an issue for me. I can remember comments from individuals in school about it. I never thought that would continue in that fashion years later. The gesture hurt... there may have been a tear... but what was beautiful this time was I had worship music playing in my car while they were doing it. I just stopped looking their way and focused on how much God loves me. Sounds cheesy... but it was true. Their actions still made me feel bad, but I was also at peace. I was so weird.

I will be keeping an eye out for this car now. They obviously know my car. If I do see or am attacked again, I will call the police. I feel my reactions will not be as shocked as the times before... as sad as that sounds. I also prayed for these boys. I cannot imagine what need this fulfills in them... and that makes me sad.

Thanks for your emails, posts, and facebook comments of love about what happened to me. It meant a lot.

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