Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Favorite Pastor (guest blogger)

Took this post from my sister-in-law's blog. My brother still is my favorite pastor on this earth (sorry Rick Warren and the numerous other pastors I know, Don wins this one). Here is why:

Buffy wrote:

This month is Pastor’s Appreciation Month and I am taking the challenge “30 days of encouraging my husband.” I happen to be married to my Pastor, so I wanted wanted to share 15 specific reasons I love my Pastor and 15 specific Reasons I love my Husband.

15 Reasons I love my Husband
(remember this is being written by my sister-in-law)
1. He is a man of God.
2. He puts his family before his job.
3. He is a tender disciplinarian.
4. He leads our family in morning devotions each day.
5. He irons his own clothes!
6. He takes the initiative to plan dates with me.
7. He leads our family to always serve others.
8. He helps me around the house BEFORE I ask.
9. He does not waste his families time or money on hobbies(football watching, fishing, golf, or even working on his beloved 67 Jeep)
10. He loves his mom and Dad and sister Tina.
11. He is patient beyond words.
12. He spends quality time with each of our kids one on one.
13. He always is on time.
14. He never forgets important dates, events, or anniversaries.
15. He seeks to honor God through his finances.

15 Reasons I love my Pastor
1. He loves God’s word.
2. He wants to be culturally relevant.
3. He leads by example.
4. He serves anyone at anytime.
5. He cares about the big things and small going on in the sheeps lives.
6. He loves our churches kids and wants to see them grow in Christ.
7. He never complains, only encourages.
8. He is a good preacher.
9. He has an infectious joy.
10. He loves other cultures.
11. He has integrity.
12. He seeks creative ways to reach the lost and is willing to take risks for God.
13. He is not easily swayed by popular culture.
14. He is humble.
15. He is always a learner.


Don said...

I guess I should be reading my wife's blog more...looks like I learn a lot about her posts from reading yours...oops.

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere, "Like father, like son"..."A leaf does not fall far from the tree"?

I hear that Don's father is so humble. all seriousness, I am biased, but I cannot find fault with any of these observations.

But one warning...don't get behind this pastor in the pizza buffet line.