Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tina Tech: Roov.com

Overall impression: Pretty Cool - GREAT Idea!
Look/Feel: Good (great sponsers & love the intro videos)
Purposes Fullfilled: Fellowship, Ministry & Mission

Account Setup:
Overall it is a little confusing.
1. During the intial sign up there is an additional feature where you choose your church. If you do not have a church or are looking for a church that is ok.
2. It has the standard verification email, but after clicking to verify you are given the option to invite friends to join. A little odd... I don't even know if I like it yet, why would I bug my friends with it. You can skip it. I hope that option comes up again later, if I like it.
3. I joined a ROOV, but was forced to have input from the beginning in order to join. Not sure how I feel about that.
4. When I went to my homepage I noticed that I was only 25% setup. When I went into the options I was happy with the options I was given. A wide array of email alerts that can be selected or deselected. But I don't like that it tells me my account is not complete when I have not filled out "optional" material.

So... will I ever come back to this site:
Not sure. What I do like most about Roov is it's intention to move passionate people from saying to doing. It is all about bring together online in order to bring people together offline. That is a HUGE need and I totally respect their intent. It is a pretty new site and I like that they are open to feedback.

Lord, thank you for Roov.com. As people log on, signup, and connect using Roov bless those experiences. Let Roov not just be a tool, but a place for people to connect and serve You and others. Amen.


Nick Zadrozny said...

Tina, thanks for the writeup, and all the moreso for your candid feedback! I'm one of the developers for ROOV and I can tell you that much of the confusing stuff you mention has been discussed and debated internally. We're finishing up a new release right now that we hope will address a handful of those rough spots. After that we've got a bunch of new ideas to continue making the site more fun and useful :)

Thanks again for the mention. If you ever want a sneak preview of some of the upcoming stuff, feel free to drop me a line at nick@roov.com!

Riley said...

Tina, I freaking went to high school with one of the guys in this video! Crazy! Where is it from, do you know?

Anonymous said...

Tech Tina: Your virtual world is rather hidden from the life of most of us who do not live in Tech Land. However, it is a way to plug into a certain segment of the echo boomers. So how does a Tech Boom Dadd know how to stay plugged into his young family with all this technology swirling around in a world constantly being discovered? Tech Boom Dadd has no propensity towards Tech Time Tool applications but wants traditional tangible means to express himself. My passport does not seem to allow me to enter the echo boomer world of Tech Talk. But I can count to FOUR although my boomer generation is a three lettered world. Signed...Dad the CPA.