Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 22 - Spontaneity

Tonight as I was in Target getting hair bands and drooling over DVDs that I wanted, but could not buy (most starting with The Office: Season blank... I got a call from Janine! She invited me for dinner with her and the kids she watches. I had a night full of reading Twilight that Lisa had let me borrow ahead, but decided to push that back and join Janine. What a treat!!

I have always been that person who if you ask at the last minute will most likely go if I do not have other plans. Marti found this out quickly when living with me. I was easy company.

It was soo good to get a look at what Janine's life is like now. After being roommates for 2 years it is hard to believe how little we actually see each other and talk anymore. It was great spending time with her surrounding Danielle's wedding and I am glad that I got to have a night with her. The only thing is that I ended up playing with the little girl most of the night. It is hard not to think of my nieces and miss them when I am around children.

I have been known to pop in on the Coates family just to have some "kid" time. Maybe one day I can do the same with my own family. We'll see.

For now... I am just grateful for the invites and breaks in my schedule that allows me to accept.

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Danielle said...

Have had my computer packed away...just now getting settled into the new house...

glad you and Janine got to spend some quality time together!