Tuesday, July 15, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 14 - Taco Tuesday!!

Growing up in the South having Tacos for a meal was a rare treat. It was one of my favorite dishes. Often when asked what I wanted for special dinners tacos was my reply. It was not until living in Wisconsin that my friend Renee introduced me to Taco Tuesday. That is what her family would do every Tuesday night. I thought that was just her family... until I moved to Southern California. So many restaurants have Taco Tuesdays. Though my taco intake has multiplied exponentially since childhood... I still love to eat them. Tonight I had 3 beef tacos for $1.16 from Del Taco. Can't beat that!! They were so good. So today I am grateful for Taco Tuesdays! Praise God for Taco Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

HOORAY for Taco Tuesday!!!! Glad I could be part of this praise! :-) Renee