Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Miracle at Subway

I am still alight from an experience I just had at Subway. I was first in line and had gotten my sandwiches and was getting my drink. There was a man behind me getting a sandwhich, but politely waiting until I was done to get his drink. As I turned around he asked me "Did you want this table?" I noticed that this was the last available table in the resturant. I told him I did not need the table and he was so sweet to offer. How cool is this guy!!?!! He did not rush to put his sandwich down and save the last table, instead he saw that I might want it and offered it to me. That is rare!!! AND SO COOL!!!


Danielle said...

How old was he?

And was he wearing a wedding ring?

Just looking out for ya, girl!!

Lisa Marie said...

That is a miracle! He must not have been the same dude who RACED me from the parking lot to inside Starbucks so he could be ahead of me...jerk.