Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last dance blog

It was a great dance. Good turn out... we broke even (though haven't counted the exacts yet). The music was wonderful, the cupcakes yummy, and the company was outstanding. I spent most of the night with Jim at the ticket table. Here's Jim:
And then went with some folks from our single parent ministry to eat at Denny's afterward!!! Now it is 1:32am... and I am more than ready for bed. Just think... 13.5 hours and I will be back at the church. Even more exciting... 80.5 hours until I go to Disneyland with the Coates girls, Lisa, and Sonja.... now that is what I am talking about!!

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Anonymous said...

Coming in at 1:30AM from a dance!!!!! So you had to move all the way across the country to break your 10:30 PM curfew. I hope your father does not hear about this. And "DANCING"? Oh my goodness. And at a SOUTHERN Baptist Church (Southern California...I guess). I sure hope your mother church back in the Bible Belt does not hear about this. Man oh man. Wait until your mother comes home from the casinos and she hears about this. She might be so upset that she spills her wine!