Saturday, March 15, 2008

Waiting for Jesus

After using this phrase with Marti tonight she encouraged me to blog it.

I was at one of our singles meetings and Clayton was speaking about how everyone has a story. Two men told their stories about how they met Jesus and their lives have been transformed. As they were telling their stories, they spent quite a while building up what was going on in their lives. I started to feel impatient. I knew that both are believers now.... so I just kept waiting for Jesus. Not a second coming, b/c they were talking too long, but for Jesus to be in their lives. I find it funny (and i know I did this when I spoke at Epic a couple of weeks ago) that we focus on telling so much detail of the bad... that we forget how exciting the new is. I just found it all so suspenseful.

Reread this this morning... I did not mean that it was bad or that they talked too long... just found myself engulfed in the story waiting to see Jesus enter into the picture and change them. It was worth it. Jesus came into their lives and made them into the new creations I know today.

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Anonymous said...

What can be long for one...can be on target for another. And Jesus left the 90 and 9 to seek the 1. I wonder if the 90 and 9 felt that Jesus was gone too long?