Friday, March 14, 2008

Passionate People

I am surrounded by passionate people. People who see a need and passionately pursue it. They want to bring me into their passion. I want to confess that I often become numb to it instead. If not numb, I ride the wave for a bit until it fades.

Why is it we are a passion-driven society? We'll wear the Lance Armstrong braclets this year then buy a Desi(red) t-shirt the next, give to help the environment one month then be all about local charities the next. Is our interest in charity like fashions in that it changes every season?

Don't know why this is bugging me at the moment. I just feel pulled to and fro by good causes. It becomes exhausting.

Feeling pressured into charity is better than being pressured into drugs or gangs. But is there a limit to how much passion you can have? Is there a point where passion is the norm turning everything into just another project? What can we do to make passion sustain? Should it be sustained? I just don't get it.

This world would be boring and nothing would ever get done to help without those passionate people. So don't get me wrong. I love passionate people. Just feel overwhlemed by them at the moment (maybe b/c I am one). That is totally my problem, not theirs. Maybe if I were better at saying no and sticking to my own passions... I would not feel so overwhelmed... who knows? We'll see.

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