Friday, February 01, 2008

Beautiful Moment

Yesterday morning I wrote this psalm before I went to Marti's farewell breakfast:

A psalm by an Epicer whose best friend is moving away.

Words are so limiting
When it comes to my pain
Groans and tears do better.
Why do I feel so deep, so strong?

If this is my pain, I cannot imagine Yours
You, my Comfort my Hope
Your love keeps me going

I look to Your strength,
which is unmatchable.
I look to Your joy,
which is unfamthomable.
I look to Your love,
which is unfailing.

In You I find all I need to make it through these trials.
In Your Word, I find the words that I need to hear

Then last night after we grabbed the final belongings out of the apartment and threw the rest in the trash we ended our time in that apartment the same way we began it, in prayer.

I must say the prayer was much different than last time, yet strangely the same. When we moved in, it was a prayer of hope and uncertainty. As we left it was a prayer of hope and uncertainty. The difference was that as we were moving in, we were three different lives and paths converging in one location. Last night it was a strong feeling of 3 lives separating into three different directions. That prayer was authentic, it was real, it was emcompassed in the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was bitter, it was sweet, but above all it was beautiful. Not becuase we were beautiful... we were three tear stained, snot dripping women at that moment. But our hearts were pure, our love for God and one another abounded. It was one of the hardest, yet most beautiful moments I have ever had.

I miss Marti and Janine already, but I told myself... no tears today. Now I move on in joy, in hope, in peace. Oh... there will be more tears, but my focus today is on the good, the fun, and the silly. And my prayers are that Mike (Marti's brother) got the GPS working so they can find Flagstaff.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...3 snot dripping women? And they are all single...snot dripping women?...I guess it may be a little longer before I have (snot dripping) grandchildren in California! Popal

PS: California is a strange place! Glad I married a little glimmer of Carolina Sunshine (from Virginia)!