Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Celebration Begins!

Today was the first of what I think will be many birthday celebrations! Janine, Marti, Lisa C, and I went to Disney's California Adventure for a Princess Birthday Lunch.

It was such a fun day... though we all agreed that the food at Red Robin after we left the park was much better than the lunch that we paid over twice as much for. The day ended cold and rainy, but we always have such a great time together. Disney really is the happiest place on earth. Oh... and yes... we wore the crowns (that Marti had to ask the waiter for since they are for the kids) ALL DAY!! Even on the Tower of Terror ride. My picture from that did not come out, but mine from California Screaming did. No crowns on that one, though.

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Flora said...

how cool! i wish i saw u there! cute crowns... i wish i were a princess...