Friday, January 04, 2008

Transitions Are Hard!

Transition times are just so hard. In the next months I am moving, turning 30, and saying goodbye to some of my closest friends. I am truly just an emotional bomb in skin these days. One day I will wake up just frustrated and confused about my move. Other days it is the disbelief of my status in life turning 30. But this morning I woke up and immediately started crying. I am just overwhelming sad. My closest and dearest friend right now is moving away. How many times have I done this? Michelle, Beth, Snehal, Ruth, Allyn, Lydia, Renee, Victor, Jess, Tamara, Jenn, Katty, and Elona just to name a few. It is never easy and our relationships are never the same. I guess it has to do with my love language being quality time. When I do see these people the connect is there. It is quality time again in a flash, but otherwise it is emails, reading blogs, and far to often phone calls. I put that blame on myself more than them. But it is how things are.

It just saddens me that Marti will be added to this list soon. Then not long after Danielle. It is hard to even picture the next couple of months without them. But as in the past, I know God has more in store for me. My sorrow has been replace with gladness before and it can happen again. That is why that list is so long already. I am blessed and amazed at what wonderful people God has continuously brought into my life. I wish that my friends were not so seasonal, but I am so grateful to have that season.

If you are still around... please ask me to go do stuff... entertain me!! My social planner and psychologist is leaving! I have too many free Saturdays and Sundays in 2008. That needs to change. Maybe when Marti leaves she will bequeath me her coveted entertainment book. :) hint hint!! Love you Marti and will miss you terribly!! I will try to not make this emotion overwhelm the rest of our month.

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Marti said...

Tina, my dear, sweet Tina. I say let the emotion out more often. Let me share it with you. This isn't an easy time for me either. You are not alone. Sadness, confusion, anxiety, and anticipation aren't emotions you share by yourself. I will miss you terribly!! While we can both look to the future with joy there has to be a time to grieve for what we are losing.