Friday, June 08, 2007

My Mandisa Moment

Tonight at Saddleback we honored our volunteers. They are the heart and soul of Saddleback church. As a staff I had to commit not only to use volunteers, but to be a volunteer. That was not hard. I love volunteering. I was so proud of the 15 or so EPIC volunteers that came to represent in their first year at Saddleback.

Another highlight was the guest American Idol contestant who came. We all thought it would be Sabrina Sloan since she grew up at our church, but to our suprise it was Mandisa. If you need a refresher here is her bio from American Idol: She was in the top 10 the season Taylor Hicks won. What I remember most about Mandisa on American Idol was the moment that she forgave Simon on tv (yes they aired it!)after he had made fun of her being over weight. She said that as a Christian she had to forgive him, even if he never asked for it. It was a God professing moment. I remember the week before Rick Warren preached on forgiveness. She was the living testimony to that sermon and God's truth.

It was an honor to have her to Saddleback. It was even cooler to meet her in person afterwards. I got in b/c I had the camera and my boss wanted a picture with her. He is a huge American Idol fan. SO here is my moment with Mandisa (and Flora!!)

Sense he got us back stage to meet her. Here is Clayton and Allison with Mandisa:

Note to self: bring camera everywhere, so can have more cool moments like this.

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Anonymous said...

yes, your boss and his wife are huge American Idol fans- no shame