Sunday, June 10, 2007

Disney Concert Hall

I finally made it to a concert in the Disney Concert Hall in LA!! Janine, Marti and I took a much needed family outing to LA last night. An old friend of Janine's got us second row tickets for the world premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Mass. It was the most beautiful blasphemy I have ever heard. What do you expect from a mass written by a Jewish man :) From the song "I Believe in God" where the lyrics stated "I believe in one God, yet I believe in 3, I'd believe in 20 gods, if they believe in me" to just the constant repetition of the phrases "Let us pray" and "Louder, louder, laude." It was an interesting very Bernstein like piece. What I do love about Bernstiens music is the jumbling of so many American styles from the grandiose to jazz and gospel.

The children's choir (in red below) was amazing. The most precious moment of the night was when a girl from the choir came up front for her solo. She could not barely contain her smiles. Her grandfather and father were sitting next to me beaming with pride and tears. It reminded me a lot of me being a little girl and having a solo. I would always look out and try to lock eyes with my parents so I would not be nervous anymore. I still do this at church. If I see just one familiar face in the crowd, I feel so much better.

Some pics from the night:

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