Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Women Want

Ok... in the movie Mel Gibson can hear what women think. For some reason I was thinking about this this morning. I had the most random stream of thought as I was walking to my car. Here is what Mel would have heard this morning from me:

"Strength will rise as we wait... Oh crap, the porch light was on all night, what a waste... upon the Lord as we wait upon the Lord... Man I must look huge to that snail!... Bum Bum, strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord... Toyota Camry, Mercedes Courtesy car? How much you want to bet the car is more courteous than the person driving it. Oh that was mean, never mind... You are the Everlasting God, the Everlasting God You do not faint you won't grow weary... Man have I been random this morning, I better blog on it. That would be fun... You're the defender of the weak. You rescue those in need. You lift us up on wings like eagles..."

If you don't know... the song it probably isn't as funny. The song is Everlasting God... we rehearsed it on Tuesday night and will be playing it this weekend at church.

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Marti said...

We already know you're a nut, without reading your thoughts :) It's part of your specialness :)