Saturday, December 09, 2006

It was worth it

Ok... I think it was worth it. I looked HOT tonight!! But I am not going to rush back to the salon for more eyebrow action anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

You looked hot? Well, I thought Southern California cooled just a bit for the winter. Maybe they should have turned the thermostat down a bit. I guess once all the people get into the room, it heats up a bit? Good thing you did not have a jacket on. It ain't hot here in SC. We are in the teens with near record cold...Bert even ran back inside after letting him out for a potty break about 5 AM.

Oh, by the way, nice dress. You really look pretty. You remind me of your mother.



Danielle said...

No more waxing? Cool - I'll teach you how to tweeze on your own. You're gonna love it. : )

Little i - HOT is not an appropriate description for a woman of faith! Shame on you!

I think you were more or less smoldering. :P

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...."little i"? Oh...TiNA...neat name! And aint a good word for a "woman of faith". Hmmm....smoldering. Me thinks one's father might have to fly out to see what's going on out their in Southern California.