Saturday, October 21, 2006

My New Job

As with any new job there is a time of transition, learning the ropes. But rarely are you encouraged to bend those ropes right off the bat. That is how I feel entering this new job. I love my new boss. He is not afraid to say no to a good idea, because it does not fit our purpose. He truly cares deeply for those he is given to serve. He doesn't automatically say no, because it didn't work last time. And, he is an extremely funny guy. Just look at the pic above and you can tell. I definately have to be on the top of my comical game when he is around. Sure there are details about my job to be worked out, like when I am actually suppose to come in to work, but hey how important is that really? :)

I work on a great team that loves and cares for those who are put in our path. Here are some pics of some office folks for ya.

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