Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My New Toy! (I mean tool)

So... where I am working they give all the employees an iPod nano. I got mine today. I am having so much fun entering the iPod age. Just have to be careful not to go too crazy in the iTunes store :) It is suppose to be a tool for us to download training and podcast of services. I am sure I will some of that too :)


Sircellan said...

Coool! I was just thinking yesterday that I could really use a pocket-sized calendar that when I entered a date it would bring up other things on and in the ten days surrounding that week. I thought, "This would be a really useful and neat invention... oh, wait. I REALLY could use a PDA!" Silly me. Instead of investing in tape players and cd players for my kids, I picked up a 256MB USB key mp3 player for each of them. MUCH easier to carry around than a tape player!

big bro said...

Wow, I really need help working mine, so maybe you can help me on your end! I still haven't used the iTunes card you sent me for my birthday! Help!!!!

Janine said...

Maybe we should share a few tunes!