Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Confessions of a Young Adult Drama Queen

No, this is not a sequel to the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, just an appropriate title.

Yesterday hit me hard... as you could tell. There were a lot of facts and circumstances and senarios filling my mind. I actually had to take Tyenol PM just to get to sleep. Everything from facts from the trial, to missing the family vacation, to work situations, to old business troubles... it was too much for me to contain. Thank you for letting me ramble on this blog to get a few out.

Yesterday they picked the jury. I was the last one of the 12 to be picked. Before lunch we heard opening statements from both sides. After lunch we heard the testimony of a police officer who specializes in gangs and gang violence. Let me tell you... it was quite educational. The end of the day got rather emotional and the judge sent the jury home. This morning we got there and they asked us to wait another hour in the jury room. Finally we were brought into court and told that the case had reached a settlement. We as a jury were done with our civil duty and free of service for 2 years. We did get a tour of the courthouse and judges chambers. Tax dollars hard at work! The judge sat us down and explained what happened and we were able to ask the DAs more details about the case. Again... EDUCATIONAL!!

For me that also meant... my family trip was back on!! It also meant that if offered a job from the place I have been interviewing, that I could accept it. God is a God of details. I am glad I got to be on that jury. I learned so much about gangs. Why people join them, how they get out of them, the structure of gangs, how drugs and gangs interact, what life looks like as a gang memeber. My heart and prayers truly and deeply ache for those people. They need Jesus Christ!! He can supply so much of what they really need.

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Danielle said...


Oh yes, and Tylenol P.M.

It does an aching head good! : )

Glad your trip is back on! Wee-haw!