Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Unfathomable Praise

I just heard a story that I want to share. It touches so deep to a place where words cannot express the joy and peace created. Only the love of Jesus can produce it.

A friend of mine's father was diagnosed with cancer a little over 2 years ago. He was given little to no time at that point, but survived longer than anyone could believe. Speaking of belief... that was my friend's struggle in this. She of course love and respected her father, but his beliefs were in Buddhism, not Jesus Christ. I lost touch for the most part with this friend, getting updates from others every few months. Today I got this email:

"At around 1:45 pm, Pastor Ting came to pray
and you could see that my dad was more at rest and peace. He became
more and more relaxed as the pastor sang to him and by the end of the
hymn, the Lord took my dad home to heaven. It was actually the most
beautiful and peaceful going.

My dad received Christ about a month ago through my friend, Enoch's mom
and pastor's wife who came to share with him again, and this time he
was ready. On Friday while he was alert and coherent, my dad's
Buddhist Qi Gong friends came to visit him and performed their Qi, a
form of meditation and chanting, but my dad told me that he felt worse
and expressed that he would rather have Christians pray with him. He
said that he felt the love and peace and comfort of the Lord with him."

I cannot imagine my friend's joy and peace at knowing that she WILL see her father again now. It was a tough couple of years, I am sure, but God's timing was perfect. Her father came to be a child of God!! I praise God for this man's life, his death, and his legacy. What an awesome God we serve. AMEN!

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