Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cloud Over Rwanda

It is a universal truth that it is hard to share about your mission trip experiences right when you come back. Things are just hitting me now as I adjust back into my Cali lifestyle. While I too am still unable to share much about the trip, I would like to share this poem that I wrote on the trip. I wrote most of it as we headed out of Kigali, and I first looked on the rural life of those in Rwanda. I hope it gives you a little glimpse of what I saw and felt. I will put pictures in to help.

Cloud Over Rwanda

There is a cloud over Rwanda, seen and unseen
A mist, a fog covers the mountains
The land of 1000 hills blurs in the distance

8 million searching for hope
A heaviness haunts the soul
A past not easily forgotten
A past through Christ forgiven

Smiles willingly given, readily taken
Walking everywhere, heading to nowhere
Out so all can see, but so few look
Amazed with a wave, a smile

God's love is so easy to share!

There is a cloud over Rwanda, waiting to lift
This country shines so bright
True courage and unity spring forth
Soon all will see and learn

God Bless Rwanda



Los said...

Wow. That was amazing.

Kristiapplesauce said...

That is really beautiful. How long were you there? I would really, really love to hear about your trip. Please e-mail me if you want to talk about it!