Wednesday, June 22, 2011

40 Days of PEACE: Day 9

(Ok... so I know my days are not being consecutive... but I just want to try and get through them all before I head to Rwanda.)


Today's reading is just so beautiful. Here is what really stuck out to me:

"God will use you on mission despite your weakness. In fact, God will pour His grace so fully into your life that even your weakness will reflect His strength. It is the grace from God that you carry with you into the mission field, and it is this grace that energizes the Good News you carry to people who desperately need to know about God.

God doesn't need you perfect for your mission because He is an all-powerful God capable of using anything and anyone for his purposes. But equally as important, He wants you - beautiful, flawed you - to show others that He is a God of redemption, a God of second chances who cares about the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives, and the prisoners. You go on mission as a living monument to God's grace and your weakness, your flaws, your worst mistakes give to God as He works through you to bring others with weaknesses flaws, and horrible mistakes into His family."

Lord, I have so many weaknesses. But I stand strong in Love knowing that no matter what I do, have done, or will do - God loves me. His love for me is unchanging. So my prayer is knowing this does not give me or anyone else permission to do wrong, but passion to do right.


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