Monday, June 13, 2011

40 Days of PEACE: Day 5


Truth: You please Godo when you admit you need His strength.

(from original journal when I first did this study in fall of '05)
Playing worship music is the best example of this in my life. Often i am tired, my fingers hurt, I don't know the music, can't get the bowing right - yet I melt. I disappear into God's strength. It is not about me. I feel like I could play forever. The question is... what about other parts of my life that need that same strength: lossing weight, loving others, money, materialism. Lord show me how to see your strength in those. I admit they are so overwhelming to me, yet for You they are so easy. Struggling is ok... it shows that I am fighting the flesh, not just giving in. Help me to step out in Your strength to conquer. Let me see that strength does not equal bold. It equals do.

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