Tuesday, June 28, 2011

40 Days of PEACE: Day 12


Truth: God invites you to be a part of His grand adventure.

(from journal entry when I originally did this study in Fall 2005)
I often wonder what the soundtrack of my life would be. I know praise music would be a large part, but so much of the emotion and depth of a story can be manipulated in the music. Would a Star Wars, John Williams blaring french horns theme be there? Or a nice Craig Armstrong of George Fenton love theme? Would it have a liet-motif of hope, peace, & joy? I would like to think so. God is the ultimate composer of the music for my life, because He knows where it is going and when it ends. He could foreshadow and build themes. I wonder if he is building a love theme that I have not realized yet with a man. An action score for some adventure I am embarking on. A sad tune for loss I will feel soon. Whatever comes, I am comforted by the fact that God knows. He loves my story and my song. Through Him, it can play brightly for others.

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