Sunday, September 05, 2010


This past year I have been able to work on some amazing video projects, but few have given me chills. This past week I got chills every time I went to work on a project. It will be showing Sunday, September 12. It is the story of the Blackmores. Their story as a couple starts in a whirlwind. They met and were engaged in 4 months. Their wedding was in 3 more months, and they had their first child 9 months after their honeymoon. The rapid move from single to husband to dad was too much for the man. Things started down a path that led to divorce. If left there... it would be a tragic story about the death of a marriage.

Instead it really is a story about what happens when you give your life over to God. It is a story of healing. A story of reconciliation. If you are in the area, please do not miss this service! These are the moments where I sit back and marvel that God allows me to do what I do.

If I remember, I'll post it here after it shows this weekend. If I do not remember you can go see it at (after it plays in the service).

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joshuad31 said...

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