Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer of Change

Transitions are inevitable in life. Some are brought on by our decisions, some by the decisions of others, and some come despite anything anyone could have done. It is how we deal with these transitions that show what kind of person we are.

This summer my life has once again turned on a dime. This transition brought about from my decision to follow God's prompting to change jobs and locations. I felt as though I was not thriving and needed more appreciation and direction. By submitting to the transition, I began to get both.

As I left California, the love and appreciation that others felt towards me and the work I had done was clearly evident. I know that most of the relationships there, though they will have to change, will not end.

I also am excited to see the direction God is taking my life now. I see a church who wants to reach and embrace their community and the world. I have been here a week and have has so many Facebook friend requests from church members who want to be in the loop of my life.

This transition though awkward at times (many times), has also been a true blessing in my life. I hope and pray that this time will show people how much I love God and the faith and trust I have in Him. I hope this time will be used for His glory. I know people are watching and trying to figure me out. When things are going along fine, people tend to not notice you as much. I know that this time now is when I have the opportunity to shine.

Lord, help me to be authentic and open to those around me at all times. As this transition continues, bring those into my life that need to see that people can radically change their life and be ok when you are at the center of that decision. Bring joy into my life and my relationships old and new. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

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