Saturday, January 03, 2009

Please Pray for My Nephew!! - Guest Blogger

Fischer At The Hospital But No Room At The Inn
from Peach Holler by my dad

Yesterday was a long and trying day for Don and Buffy. Fischer’s 2nd birthday is only 8 days out and he was admitted to the children’s hospital. As a stomach virus (my diagnosis) ran through the NC family, Fischer displayed symptoms that exceeded those of the other s - mainly a sense of dizziness which made him stumble and eventually crossing his eyes. A visit to the pediatrician led to a trip to the emergency room where he spent the balance of the day and was officially admitted for a 48 hour observation. It seems the white cell count was high. A spinal tap followed some other extensive procedures and the doctors decided to monitor him with expectations that this count will come down. The word meningitis is very intimating to this grandfather.

Sick children are a norm for parents. But admission to the hospital is no picnic. It is only human nature to think the worst. And then God reminds us that all of us are temporal, but His love started long ago and is as strong today (and 48 hours from now) as it was on that first Christmas Day.

Don let Fischer talk to me on the phone last night. His sounds were left to my skills of interpretation, as his vocabulary is yet to be clear and/or expanded. But his laughter and sense of play was communicated from that ER room to my BlackBerry and into my heart. Of course, my early morning prayers start and stop with intercession for my only begotten grandson. May God, the Great Physician, grant the hand of healing to be placed fully upon that little boy. May God wrap his arms around Don and Buffy as they wrestle with the anxieties that are common to every parent in this situation? And may this same prayer be multiplied for each and every child in that hospital, as there was no room available at the time of the phone conversation (no room at the inn). Many other parents, siblings and grandparents are surely offering this same prayer, or versions thereof.

In JESUS name, Rick Warren and I pray! (I am guessing this was for me to smile... and it achieved that purpose [did you catch the pun there???]. -TiNA)

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