Sunday, December 07, 2008

Here is our team flyer

Tomorrow we are having our Small Groups team Christmas Day. They have separated us into teams that are going to do a variety of competitions. I got switched from one team to another. What that meant was I am completely comfortable with my teammates. Due to this I am going a little crazy overboard, but what fun. We are going to be the Red Hot Oompa Loompas and here is our flyer:
(do ya get it... see the red hots in the background... i thought that was a stoke of genius.)
I really hope we win. We have a few more suprises up our sleeves, but someone from the office may read this blog post, so I'll have to share those after tomorrow (and hopefully some pics!)

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Anonymous said... that lady in the bottom left picture really Sara Palin? Or is that Tina Frey?....or whats-her-name?