Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend of Mixed Emotions.. but overall Joy

So this weekend (including Monday, since it was a holiday) I went to a friends wedding and we had multiple farewell parties for the Coates.

The Coates:

I will miss them all dearly. Clayton as a tremendous leader and mentor; Allison as a great friend; Ella, Karis, and Tatum for their unconditional love for me time and time again; and Tyler... whose smile and giggle makes my heart melt. I hate that I once again will be watching kids grow up through pictures instead of in person. But I will take what I can get... that's for sure.(See what I mean by melting the heart!)

Steve and Nicole:

It has been a pleasure to watch Nicole grow over the last few years in trust and faith. Her heart for single women is amazing. I know that marriage will not change that. But I am so happy that Steve stepped up and asked Nicole for a date. Their story is full of God moments. Steve has touching heart for the college commnity. It has been great stepping back and watching them both love on the students. It was touching today seeing so many being ushers. Those guys need mentors like Stevie K in their lives. It was a day full of laughter and fun. I was just so glad to join them in worshiping God through their wedding today.

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Anonymous said...

the Coates love you very much and will miss you tremendously! You were an amazing asset to anything that I may have done right! I sure would to work with you again in the future....clayton