Monday, August 18, 2008

Mystery Struggle

All through the 30 Days of Praise I was hinting that there was more going on than I let on. Since the news is now out and offical I can post the video here:

I knew this was a possiblity. I am sad... because I don't know what will happen here... because I have enjoyed working for Clayton... because I know that the singles and post-college communities at Saddleback are sad. I am happy... because I know this is an incredible opportunity for Clayton and his family... because his kids will grow up close to family... because I know this is where God wants Clayton, his skills, his talents, and his passions.

Lord, thank you for Clayton. Thank you for his integrity, generousity, and humility. He is an amazing leader and I know he will grow through this process in faith, hope, and love. Thank you for gifting him to Saddleback for a time. For what he has done with Your strentgh and power to bring vaule and love back to the singles community. I ask for Your blessing on this time of transition for the singles and post-college communities. I pray for unity. Amen.

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