Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nixon Fixin

A couple of days ago Diane's family was talking about the Presidential Libraries. That made me wonder why I had not yet visited either of the two near me (Nixon - 30 minutes away and Reagan - about an hour and 10 minutes away). So when Matt came in town looking for something to do, this was the perfect solution. At 10am this morning I knew little about Nixon other than he was a President and he resigned b/c of something about Watergate. Oh... now I know so much more. So much that I gave up reading about an hour and a half in and just started looking at pictures and listening to his speeches.

Here are some pictures to give you a little taste of what is there. This is the actual home that Nixon was born in. How crazy is that!! Here is his Limo from when he was in office:I was very moved by the graves as well. I love the quote on Pat Nixon's tombstone. In the museum there were so many pictures of her just touching and hugging and loving on kids from all over the world.
The biggest surprise for us was that they were having free concert Sundays. We got to hear this wonderful barbershop choir! They were so cute... made me laugh a ton! Just look at some of those facial expressions and you'll see why. The totally hammed it up.

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Jessica Jenkins said...

I told you this is where I got married right? Right in front of the big fountain on the grass where that white gazebo is. It's such a cool place, I'm glad you got to go check it out!