Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Evangelism - Panel

Thoughts that I am gathering from a panel on evangelism:

- You need to recognize what the symptom centers in your community are?
- People don't understand the gospel that they are sharing. We may understand the theology of salvation, but so what if you are not living it.
- Coffee houses are post-modern wells.
- There is no replacement for servant evangelism.
- Pocasting and Webcasting is a great system of pre-evangelism
- Bartenders make really good pastors (from a pastor who use to be one)
- When the energy comes from the pulpit, it filters down to the rest of the church
- Unsaved people can be your best evangelist... get them talking!
- We have to not let evangelism become familiar and unexciting... remember the power of salvation and what a difference it makes for the one
- It is so easy to learn how and forget why
- As a church... you attract who you love

National Community Church in Washington DC has a majority of their church as singles in 20s!
"There's a black preacher inside of me... don't mess with him." - Pastor from Texas

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